The Lab

The Autonomous Systems Laboratory is a research group within the Center for Integrated Emergency Management at the University of Agder, Norway. Its main objective is to advance the research front in the area of autonomous systems by developing algorithms and methodologies that enable decision-making in (possibly aerial) robotic, cyberphysical, and embedded systems without human supervision.

In addition to fundamental contributions in machine learning, artificial intelligence, signal processing, and control theory, the lab targets specific goals in the context of the CIEM research area described next.

Technologies for augmenting response capabilities in emergency management operations

Operational conditions in emergency management operations are challenging by definition and often impaired by lack of visibility, extreme temperatures or weather, limited communication and situational awareness, remoteness of the operation site, and high risk for the responders. The focus of this research area will be to endow response teams with the required technological capabilities to counteract or alleviate the impact of these conditions.

This research will be conducted along two directions:

  • Swift deployment of the infrastructure necessary to enable the communication, coordination, and situational awareness in operation sites. This includes ad-hoc flying base stations, UAVs with sensing capabilities (e.g., cameras, infrared cameras, wind sensors, radio tomography sensors, etc.), and wearable equipment (e.g., for communication, localization, sensing).
  • Robotic equipment to carry out interventions in areas where humans cannot enter due to their high risk or inaccessibility, such as buildings on fire, collapsed buildings, wrecks, and underwater environments to name a few.